April 17, 2021

How To Stay Fit and Healthy After 50

Some might fear aging, but many would certainly agree that at age 50, it could be a fulfilling time. You have already been living for a lot of years which made you wiser and stronger on the inside. However, we should face the fact that in terms of health, it’s not a good time to be unhealthy. Thus, if you are on this age, 50 and above now is the right time to start learning some ways on how to stay healthy and fit. The idea is to adapt the good habits like regular exercise and eating healthy.

What I will be sharing with you guys is what my mother is actually doing for her to stay fit. As of the moment, she is already 54 and I thank God that she is still pretty much active and is able to do the things she loved while doing the chores at home. As much as we wanted to do all the cleaning at home, she insists that she still do her part since she is not used to just sitting around.

Below are the activities my mother do to be fit at 50.

Regular Zumba Class

My mom does not miss her daily zumba class which starts at 8:00 in the morning. It’s a 1-hour zumba class with a licensed instructor. If I could remember it right she started attending Zumba last 2015 and she is 50 years old back then. Prior to encouraging her to try Zumba, we were already regularly jogging for almost a year already.

The good thing about mom is she does her best not to miss her zumba class. She wakes up early in the morning to do her usual morning stuff. She already prepares everything she needs from the things she will bring and the clothes she will wear the night before. So all she had to do in the morning is dress up, get her bag and off she goes.

It’s wonderful to see your mom going out in the morning to exercise. And she is also actually loving what she does plus, she is gaining more friend along the way.

Benefits of Zumba

I have done some researched and below are the benefits of Zumba which also I also observed in my mother.

It’s Fun

One of the best thing with Zumba is its fun. Thus, you do not think too much about staying fit since your having fun. I could see this in my mother since she shares stories of her zumba class. It simply makes her happy. There are some people who get pressured to get fit, but with Zumba, you get fit while having fun. It also is hard to get bored with zumba since there are lots of steps that could be done and in the videos, my mom is showing me they dance on different steps and music.

Another thing that makes Zumba fun is it’s social. You meet a lot of people in a Zumba class so you interact and learn how to get along with other people.

Great for Weight Loss

Since you are constantly active with Zumba both the upper and lower body which makes it a total body workout. Its burns a lot of calories which is around 600-1000 calories in one session. Thus, its good for those who are trying to lose weight. The burning of calories comes with the different level of intensity of body movements performed where some are similar to the usual fitness moves like squats and jumps.  

Thank God, weight is not a problem with my mom since she is in normal weight. What I could say is this activity helps her be in the ideal weight and she doesn’t have to go on a diet like others.

Improves Heart Health

Due to the intense constant movement, this activity could really get your heart rate up. Thus, it greatly improves the cardiovascular respiratory system.

Helps Deal With Stress

Stress is a common problem in our time and Zumba is a great way to de-stress since you could take away your mind from all the things that could lead to stress. As we are already aware, doing exercise boosts our mood and Zumba is no different. The upbeat moves during this form of exercise release happy hormones called endorphin.


I and my brother are ultra runners and though our mom is not an ultra runner, she is definitely a runner as well. She also loves to run and she loves the competition. Don’t get me wrong, she is not an elite, she just wants to give her best every time she joins a running event. The longest distance she was able to run was 12km. Aside from road running she also participates on trail events and even managed to be the champion in 1 event, 10km trail women category. She was able to outrun women who were way younger than she is.

My mom grew up in the rural area that is why she is used to going up hill and downhill. I was able to witness her determination in running the trail since as much as possible she tries to run the uphill, slowly but without stopping. I paced her from start till the end. There were instances where she still wants to run the uphill but I advised her to just walk and run on the downhill, with this technique we were able to catch up with the young ones at the last kms. of the race.

When she is participating in a running event, we train 2-3 days a week. We ran around 8-10 kms during every session. Though she now focuses more on zumba than running, when she lives a certain running event, we never fail to join.

Her zumba sessions have a very big impact on her running since she now has better endurance. She doesn’t get tired easily.

Health Benefits of Running

Improves Overall Health

When you run, it improves your overall health since it targets the lungs and heart. This activity also boosts the immune system which keeps you away from common diseases. You don’t easily get a cough or cold and when you do, the healing process is a lot faster.

You Could Lose Weight

Since running also burns fat, it could also help you lose weight. There is no need to run hundreds of kilometers in order to lose weight, an hour of running every session will do.

A Good Stress Reliever

The same as with other forms of exercise, running helps relieve stress. Running help you appreciate the outdoors even more which would make you feel a lot better especially when you are able to be with nature. It’s an excellent way to deal with depression.


Yes, our mom who is at her fifties is still able to hike a mountain with an elevation of around 1,200 meters above sea level. Aside from running, we also hike whenever we have the chance and when invited by friends. During these times, when our mom is free, we tag her along especially when it’s only a day hike. I am proud to say that my mom is able to hike faster than me. I could see in her face that she is not too tired hiking up the mountain compared to other younger people we see on the trail who seems to be having a pretty hard time reaching the mountain peak.

Health Benefits of Hiking

Improves your Core

Hiking requires you to climb some hills or mountains and with this, you need to engage your muscles on the lower part of your body. And the hills would certainly require your cardiovascular system to work which greatly improves overall fitness. Since the trail has uneven grounds this activity will also hone your balance skills which will require core engagement.

Stress Relief

Since you are outdoor with nature, its a good way to eliminate stress. You definitely will forget about the thing that worries you every day when you see how beautiful nature is. Being with nature makes you feel calm and relaxed. All you do is appreciate the beauty that surrounds you from the hills, to the freshness of the air you breathe.  

Health Benefits of Hiking Especially at 50


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