April 17, 2021

Hiking Once A Week to Lose Weight

With the growing demand and popularity of the food industry, it is no surprise that a lot of people today are gaining weight. With this, ways on how to lose weight have also become a popular topic. Among the best ways is hiking once a week to lose weight.

Continue reading below to learn how to do this. Remember, in order to achieve your goal, consistency and determination is the key. It is very important that you are determined enough to push through the hard times will surely arise. Do not ever expect that things would be easy. It will be hard that is why you have to push through.

Why is Hiking a Great Way to Lose Weight

If you have not tried hiking yet, or maybe you have tried it before but only a few times, not is the time to commit yourself to do it regularly to help you deal with a weight problem.

Fun and Easy to Keep Doing

Let’s face it, going to the gym is interesting at the beginning but as time goes by, going to the gym somehow becomes less interesting.  With hiking, you are with nature thus, the experience is always different and exciting. There is definitely a little chance that you’ll grow bored with hiking. You’ll get tired of course, but it’s never boring so you can simply do it over and over again.

The weather changes, you meet different people along the way and the experience is just different everything you go out there and hike. Plus, it’s also much easier to invite your friends for a hike than a session in the gym. Right?

Works your Entire Body

The best thing with hiking is it’s a total body workout. When you hike, it is best to bring with you a nice hiking backpack around 20-25 liters capacity will do. Even if you do not need to bring that much use the weight for exercise purposes. You will sweat more and reap more benefits when you bring a backpack. It will be a good upper body workout for you.

And of course, the lower body will also have a nice workout as well. Going up the mountains is not that easy. It will require a lot of energy to reach the top. Thus, your body will surely sweat a lot and experience the workout you need in order to start losing weight.

Imagine going for a steep climb where you have to hold onto something to pull yourself up. That would be a nice upper body exercise. Way better than doing some lifts on the gym. No offense though for those who are gym lovers.  This also means that your level of body workout would depend much on the mountain you choose to climb. Do not just keep on going back to the same mountain.

Benefits of Hiking

Hiking Builds Strength in Legs

When you go hiking, expect that you will have a nice workout on your quads, glutes and calves which mean that you will slowly build the strength of your legs. You get the benefits of hiking not just only with going up but also when it’s time to do down.  There are certain muscles in your legs which are used mainly for uphill and different parts during downhill so it’s definitely a great overall exercise for the legs.

In the whole course of the activity, you have to stabilize your hips and knees so you could go up and down the mountain effectively. This makes it an excellent lower body workout without you noticing it. All you do is hike up and go down when it’s time to go home.

You will surely experience it for yourself when the time comes that climbing becomes less tiring compared to the first time you did it.  It is not just that your body is getting used to the activity, you are actually getting stronger.

Hiking Improves your Core

Today, everywhere you look, on the television and on social media, there are a lot of products that claims to help you improve your core or specifically get the abs you wanted.  Please do keep in mind that you do not work out your core to only get those nice abs, it has more benefits to your entire body.

Different mountains offer different terrain which is good for your core as it will force your abs and obliques in order to balance your upper body. As mentioned above, it is suggested to bring a backpack with you. With this, your core will have to work harder to stabilize your body because of the added weight.

It is important that you work your core since it improves your ability to balance your upper body. This would mean moving your body well and doing your daily chores more efficiently especially those that require physical abilities.

Hiking makes you Happier

Well personally, aside from it helps me control my weight, the best reason why you have to go hiking is it gives you good vibes making you happier. It’s hard to explain this, but the moment you experience hiking even for the first time, you will eventually know what I mean. You will not regrets going for a hike with a few of your friends or in a large group. You can even go hiking alone and still enjoy the experience.

Due to social media, more and more people today are getting into depression. There is a tendency that one would compare his current position to others, thus ending in a lot of pressure to succeed which leads to depression. Though there are a lot of benefits of social media, it could not be denied that it is also one of the reasons for depression. This is where it is of big help since hiking makes you happier, it is an effective means to fight your negative feelings and thoughts.

Challenge: Schedule a Hike This Week

Now, the biggest problem with weight loss is the first step. It’s really hard to do something that you are not used to. That is why it takes a lot of determination to achieve your goal.  For hiking, the first step is to schedule a hike with a group. Surely, there will be some group in your town or place that will be up for a hike on the weekend. It is best to hike with a group than to go yourself. With this, you will have more motivation to go.

Also, it is best that you already announce on your social media account that you will be hiking on the weekend. This adds another motivation to make it on the scheduled date.


If you are currently thinking of a way to lose weight in a fun way, try hiking. It worked for me and I believed it also had worked on others. Just don’t expect things to be easy and get yourself lots of determination.

Here’s a useful video on Tips on Hiking for Weight Loss


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