April 17, 2021

How to Start Running in the Morning for Beginners

If your schedule permits it, it is better to run in the morning than at night. I believe more people prefer a morning run. It is a different experience to watch the day start where sunlight slowly rules over darkness. Finishing a morning run gives you a sense of achievement and this mentally could boost your mood and perspective through out the day.

Make Sleeping Early a Habit

So below are some useful tips so you can start running in the morning especially when you are still a beginner. This is what I did when i was still starting and it worked for me. So hopefully, it will also work for you.

Give your body enough time to rest and recover from the days work. Regardless of your level of activity, you need sufficient sleep. Try to sleep at least 6 hours. With this, the best time to sleep would be 10-11pm. It is very important that you constantly sleep on the same time so your body would get used to it. If you are not used to this yet, then you need to start now so you can reset your body clock.

An excellent thing to do is to finish everything early. Around 9 pm, you need to stop working or doing anything that could stress your mind. This will greatly help you early. Additionally, avoid all types of electronic devices after this time. You can go for listening to your favorite music or read a book until you feel sleepy.

You also have to do first the next tip.

Prepare all your Running Gears

It makes things easier for you in the morning if everything you need to run is already prepared and all you have to do is wear them and then go out. Right after you wake up, seeing your running gears already in front of you will give you that extra motivation to move and go out there.

Find a Running Buddy

Well, good for me, by brothers is also into running. So we simply motivate ourselves so we can run in the morning together. There are times that I lack that will to run, but since he convinces and motivates me I was able to get through those low points where I have less energy compared to him. And vice versa. There are also instances where I am the one who is more energetic for a morning run.

So yeah, one of the most effective thing to do to go for a morning run is to find a friend who has the same goal as you. Surely, there will be a few who would go with you. Just don’t by shy to ask them. It’s now just a running time with a friend, its also a good form of bonding. Plus with the fact that both of your is getting into a healthier lifestyle.

Be Gentle to Yourself. Take it Slow

Now since you are still a beginner. Take it slow. Do not force yourself too much. There are a lot of people who gives it all they got on the first day or first week and ended up not sustaining it for a month or longer.

Especially on your first day, you have to start slow and give your body the chance to get used to what you do. A combination of light jog and walk would be good for the first week. Then slowly, you can turn to more jog than walk as you progress in the weeks to come until you are able to run for a longer period of time.

Again, the key factor is to start slow and slowly increase the difficulty of what you do. Through this, you don’t end up not running on the 2nd day because your body is too tired.

Plan your Running Route

Yes, its true, running could become boring since all you do is run. That is why it is very important to diversify and not to the same thing over and over again. Among the things you can change is your running route. It is best that you change route from time to time like at least every week.

Surely, there are different areas in your neighborhood where you can run. Try to map out a route for 1 week and change this the next week. This day, you are in a different environment every week which makes the run more exciting.

Do not Forget to Hydrate Properly

During your morning run, do not forget to hydrate properly. With lack of water you will surely experience some discomfort like feeling weak, less energy, headache and a lot more. Even though you are only going out for a 5k run or 10k run, you need to hydrate. Bring with you a simple hydration. You do not need to grab any energy drink, water will be enough since your runs are not long distances.

And remember, you need to hydrate before and also after your run. There are many who forget to hydrate after their run session which is not a good practice.

Put your Alarm Clock in a Place you can’t Easy Reach

An important rule you have to follow is to place your alarm clock somewhere that is unreachable from your bed. We all just have this mentality to shut off any alarm that we hear. So when you wake up and hear the alarm, you want to shut if off. And if it far from you, standing up with be the best option. When your already up, do your best not to go back on your bed.

So yeah, when your alarm is far, you don’t have any option but to get up and get that run done.


If you don’t have an option running in the evening is better than not running at all. However, when your time or schedule permits, it is best to run in the morning and hopefully the tips above especially made for beginners could help. These tips worked for me and hopefully these will be help to you too.

Have you recently started your morning run? How was your experience? Let me know in the comments below


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